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Dec 7, 2014

2015 CSA Registration is Now Open

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2014 CSA Week #10

Dec 1, 2014

winter greens update

This week and next, we're harvesting spinach and baby lettuce from our unheated hoophouse for Seacoast Eat Local's Winter Farmers' Markets on December 6th and December 13th!

Inside our larger hoophouse, we keep the temperature slightly above freezing through mid-December.  What's growing in there right now?  Micro greens, radish shoots, and pea shoots for local restaurants and Winter Farmers' Markets.  

After mid-December we'll be done harvesting for a while.  In early spring, it will be time to check on our overwintered spinach so see how well it grew under low tunnels outdoors. 

Nov 21, 2014

winter market season begins

It's late November, and we're still harvesting!  Yesterday up on the hill (the ground still slightly frozen even in the middle of the day) we harvested beets, kale, tat soi, and the last baby salad greens and arugula of the season. We also discovered some gorgeous parsley and a surprise stash of Brussels sprouts in our other fields. Down in the greenhouse, Joanne harvested micro greens and pea shoots which are so bright and vibrant (and spring-like) that we have to remind ourselves that it's actually early winter!  We're bringing all of these vegetables -- plus loads of root crops, cabbages, and leeks to the Seacoast Eat Local Winter Farmers' Market in Rollinsford on Saturday.

Pea Shoots in the greenhouse, late November
Seacoast Eat Local hosts a series of indoor markets from November through April, alternating between 2 locations (Rollinsford and Exeter).  Stout Oak Farm will be at the first three markets: November 22, December 6, and December 13, 10am -2pm.  For all the winter market details, click here!

Nov 11, 2014

Assembling the Ingredients: Thanksgiving Shares 2014!

This Friday and Saturday, 50 families will visit the farm to pick up their "late season" Thanksgiving Shares.  Each family gets 2 big boxes -- mostly local organic vegetables we've grown here at Stout Oak Farm.  The contents of these boxes represent many months of growing, and many weeks of harvesting, washing, sorting, weighing, bunching, and bagging a ton (literally) of our best, hardiest, fall vegetables. We love to think of all this food making its way home to all of your kitchens, your crisper drawers suddenly filled with roots, your pantries now stocked with potatoes, onions, flour, and honey. You're ready for some serious winter cooking, or maybe you're hosting Thanksgiving this year, and you now have all the local ingredients you need!

We have a lot of fun putting these shares together, partnering with our friends at nearby farms to supplement what we grow here at Stout Oak.  This year we sourced beets and onions from Meadow's Mirth, and squash from Orange Circle Farm, Harvey Farm, Winnipesaukee Woods Farm, and Brookford Farm. The rest of the organic vegetables were grown here at Stout Oak Farm, and here's the list:  Carrots, Potatoes, Beets, Turnips, Rutabagas, Radishes, Butternut Squash, Leeks, Napa Cabbage, Green Cabbage, Parsley, Sage, and a selection of hardy greens (Kale, Chard, Winter Salad Mix).

We like to include local fruit in the shares when we can, and this year, we had the unique opportunity to actually harvest local cranberries ourselves!  Our neighbor owns a cranberry bog in North Hampton, NH and invited us to harvest for the shares.  One afternoon in late October, Kate and Christa got their tall boots on, waded into the bog, and harvested all of these gorgeous cranberries!

In addition to all the vegetables, here's the other fun stuff we included in the shares this year:  a pound of frozen NH Cranberries, Honey from Babcock Farm in Lee, Wheat Flour from Maine Grains, Cheddar Cheese from Brookford Farm, Salted Butter from Casco Bay Butter Company, and a dozen eggs from Stout Oak Farm's pastured hens. 

Our fall farm crew has done a great job pulling everything together. Christa and Steph joined the team in late October, and are working with Joanne and Kate to make the late fall harvest happen! We keep each other moving on the cold mornings, wearing more layers than you would think possible, making the most of the warmest and sunniest parts of the day.  Thanks to our late season crew, we pulled off an extra Fall sprint at the end of a long, intense growing season. Go Team!

Carrots and cabbage piling up in our cold storage room
Every year, the Thanksgiving Share will be a little different, depending on the growing season, the late fall weather, and the cool things our friends are growing at other nearby farms. We've been working hard to extend our growing season here at our farm, learning which varieties grow best in late fall and winter, figuring out the best planting dates for fall harvested crops, and improving our winter storage systems. We're pretty excited that this year's share was mostly grown right here!!

We still have a few Thanksgiving Shares available but they are going fast!  
$165 per share. Get more info, register and pay online here:


Looking for a local turkey?  Our friends at New Roots Farm (Newmarket, NH) still have 12 - 14 lb and 18 - 20 lb turkeys available. Their turkeys are pasture-raised broad-breasted birds, flash frozen as soon as they come off the pasture. Here's a link to their Registration Form.
Need some help with holiday baking? Our friends at Forty Five Market Street Bakery are taking orders for holiday pies!  You can make arrangements to pick up your pies in Somersworth or Stratham. Call the bakery at 603-692-4511.

Seacoast Eat Local's list of local farms offering pre-ordered turkeys

Seacoast Eat Local's Winter Farmers' Market begins Saturday November 22, the Saturday before Thanksgiving!

Nov 7, 2014

Farm Store Re-Opening Next Weekend

Good news! Our Farm Store will be open next Friday and Saturday! 

We're still harvesting lots of cabbage, carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, leeks, and greens, so we've decided to open the Farm Store for a couple of days.  Our Thanksgiving Share Pick-Up will be happening at the same time.   

Friday November 14th, 2 - 6:pm
Saturday November 15th, 9am - 1pm 

After that, the Farm Store will be closed, but we will have eggs for sale through the winter. Look for the "EGGS" sign and cooler outside the barn! 

You can also find Stout Oak Farm at the following 

Saturday November 22 at Wentworth Greenhouses
Saturday December 6 at Wentworth Greenhouses
Saturday December 13 at Exeter High School